High Waist Compression Belt with Waist Trimmer and Butt Lifter
High Waist Compression Belt with Waist Trimmer and Butt Lifter
High Waist Compression Belt with Waist Trimmer and Butt Lifter

High Waist Compression Belt with Waist Trimmer and Butt Lifter

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Heat retention and compression; designed for comfort, support, and protection from injuries of the groin, hamstring, and thigh.


Grid Lining interior surface will not only repel moisture but limit slipping, bunching, and moving of any kind during your leg workouts.


Herbose body sculpture has three adjustable ergonomic straps that allow targeted compression. You can adjust the size and shape, to fit around your thighs comfortably during exercise, using the adjustable Velcro sticker and buckles which provide effective thigh support and hold the muscle perfectly.


This body sculptor is modular and can easily be detached to suit the need. The removable mesh elastic band module is for added compression to trim the waist and flatten the abdominal section. Use as stand-alone Waist Trainer by easily detaching the thigh trimmer to focus on the waist and abdomen.

Herbose complete body sculpting compression Neoprene shapewear is a must-have. We have designed this 3 in 1 body shaper to target three(3) key areas while working out and improve your body contour and naturally burn excess fat in your tummy, waist, thighs. It also improves and enhances your hips and butt, all at once.
We also added an elastic removable compression mesh strap for added support/intensity for the waist and stomach area.

Secured by three sticker fasteners, the adjustable compression wrap is constructed with a latex-free, breathable neoprene for exceptional support throughout any activity.

Supporting the thigh, including the groin, hamstring and quadriceps. The thigh support wrap relieves stiff and sore muscles while aiding in the recovery of strains and pulls. Increases core temperature during exercise improves thermogenic activity and sweat during workouts.

We specially designed this product using double-layer composite Neoprene material that maximizes sweating during exercise and also helps in waist training, thigh trimming, firming, and posture. It also aids with cellulite reduction!

Material and Design

1. Neoprene fabric is comfortable to wear when you work out. It improves sweating and keep your abdomen warm;
2. Embossed design, soft against the skin, nonslip Neoprene for exceptional support throughout any activity;
3. The high waist design is to provide target compression to slim waist, thigh, and lift hips at the same time;
4. Detachable wrap strap provides strong compression support and ease of use;
5. Modular design to target specific section or all 3 key areas.

BACK SUPPORT - 4 reinforced acrylic bones provides tons of support on your sides and back. Lower back issues? Our waist trimmer belt will act like a compression binder around the waist to offer lumbar support, help relieve pain and improve posture, keep your muscles warm,  and stabilize the spine. Provides extra support to prevent  Herniated Disc, Lumber Muscle Strain and Back Pain.



1. Gentle hand wash, maximum water temperature 40 ℃ (short washing time)
2. Do not wring
3. Non machine washable
4. Do not dry clean
5. Do not expose
6. Hang to dry naturally
7. No ironing

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